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Changes to How Members Book Tee Times for a Monday and Thursday Competitions

Dear Members

Over the past few months with Corinne joining us as golf professional we have identified a few issues with the booking of tee times on our Monday and Thursday competitions. Over the years the system for booking your tee time has evolved with the staff that have looked after the Proshop.

Unfortunately this has created a situation where some members are not looking after their own bookings. This is creating problems and frustrations on competition days with Members not turning up when expected, constant changes to groups of players and in some very isolated cases inappropriate behaviour and blame being shown to our staff in the Proshop.

The system needs to be reset to a standard way of doing things. Like all golf clubs, bookings are the responsibility of the member(s) who wish to play. The club also understands we have a number of members who may not have access to the internet. The new system needs to be able to cater for all members and attempt to meet everyone’s needs

From Monday the 8th of May 2017 the Proshop will be implementing a new booking system for Monday and Thursday competitions.

There will be a printed blank timesheet available in the pro shop (from 6:00am) on each Monday and Thursday which each member (or group of members) will need to place their name on for the following fortnight’s game. (As with Saturday Time Sheets a member can book in a full group of 4 players).

The pro shop staff will then create the timesheet on the computer which will become available on line from 10:00am on the same day.

We believe this change will have the following benefits:

  1. Place the responsibility of booking your tee time back with you the member
  2. By having the Booking Sheet printed and available in the Proshop this allows for fair access by all members to make a booking.

As with all changes this will take a few weeks for people to get used to and for any problems with bookings to be sorted out. Please also note the first week the system is implemented you will need to book for the following two weeks. After the 1st week you will be booking a fortnight in advance.

Please also don’t forget that it is your responsibility to inform the staff if you cannot attend your booking. As much notice as you can give our staff is appreciated.

On behalf of Corinne and the pro-shop staff we would like to thank all members in advance for your patience and help with implementing this system.

Kind Regards

Andrew Gardner


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