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Ladies – Outstanding Achievements

1978 – Illawarra/Nepean Final Winners
No 1 Pennant Winners
Wendy Meath
Betty Coleman
Judy Knox
Jean Parker
Derna Ridge
In 1990 Leonay made history when all four
pennant teams played in the Grand Final
at Campbelltown. Three of the four won the
Illawarra/Nepean Pennant
1990 – Illawarra/Nepean Final Winners
Grade Pennant Winners
Betty Coleman
Derna Ridge
Audrey Middleton
Julie Berg
Felicity Felton
Annette Harris – Reserve
Silver Pennant Runners Up
Judy Knox
Jean Flynn
June Savins
Wendy Meath
Noelene Braid
Pat Montgomery – Reserve
June Schofield – Reserve
No 1 Pennant Winners
Wendy McKean
Ellie Braid
Jeanette Bright
Gloria Pearce
Lynne Cupples
No 2 – Illawarra/Nepean Final Winners
Margaret Britten
Paula Baker
Shirley Wells
Pat Alsford
Margaret Dixon
WGNSW/Country- Medals
Belinda Hunter – Bronze (? Year)
Dawn Young – Silver (? Year)
Carol Chitty – Bronze (? Year)
Emily Mallard – Bronze