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Monthly Medal Winners 2016

Medal of Medals Winner 2015 – Terence East


  A Grade B Grade C1 Grade C2 Grade
January  J Cupples  C King  G Murphy  T East
February  K Geyer  S Mallard  W Chin – Nam  M Heyhoe
March  T Cook  J Miles  A Rose  R Coates
April  M Perkins  D Geric  J Fahey  P Blazek
May  G Yates  C Mclean  J Watt  J Liddell
June  S Mallard  P Fowler  J Liddell  M Pavert
July  L Alexander  W Gillard  R Grandemange  Z Lange
August  G Yates  O Brennen  R Baker  G Bissett
September   A Carruthers  C Mclean  P Latimer  R Thomas

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