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November Medal

Event: Monthly medal Date: 10/11/2012
Starters: 147
A Grade Nett C Balgowan ( 11) 64 c/b
A Grade Scr G Bennett 68
B Grade Nett P Homan (13) 61
B Grade Scr P Homan 74
C1 Grade Nett P Jamieson (19) 60
C1 Grade Scr P Jamieson 79
C2 Grade Nett P Youngman ( 26) 61 c/b
C2 Grade Scr B Doyle 84
Vets P Jamieson (19) 60
Ball Comp: 28 Balls to 66 c/b
Nearest the Pins
2ND S Chambers 50cm 6TH J Kennedy 221cm
  10TH W Ball 450cm    9TH C King 131 cm
  14TH A Brennen 40 cm
Crows Nest Not won
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