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11 May 2 Ball Agg

  Event: 2BALL AGG +SINGLES   Date:11/5/2013  
  Starters: 128      
   2 BALL AGG  L CUPPLES (5) J CUPPLES (6)         76pts  
    R/UP  G THOMPSON (21)  L ROYLE  (21)     75 c/b  
     A grade    B GRANT   (8)       42pts  
     B grade    L BALGOWAN   (15)       42pts  
     C1 grade   R BAKER   (22)       43pts  
     C2 grade   J PRIDANS   (27)       36pts  
    N/PIN  2ND p mcfarlane    6th h schnieder  320cm       
    10TH  r butcher  119cm   13th  g jeffreys  287cm                                                          
     14TH   g walsh  292cm                               CROWS NEST           
BALL COMP   25 BALLS TO   65C/B.      
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