The Emu Sports Club Cupp is an annual competition starting in August and finishing in July, and is now in it’s third year. The idea was suggested by one of our members Jason Cupples – hence the name.

The principle is that every Monthly Medal round, the top twenty net scores from each grade receive points (see below table) and these points are accumulated throughout the year until the final round, which is the July Medal. The competition is sponsored by the Emu Plains Sporting Club, and the person with the most points receives their annual membership for free.

Results with effect March medal are here

Points Table

500 1st
300 2nd
190 3rd
135 4th
110 5th
100 6th
90 7th
85 8th
80 9th
75 10th
70 11th
65 12th
60 13th
57 14th
55 15th
53 16th
51 17th
49 18th
47 19th
45 20th

2019 Winner – Steve Hardy. Full results here
2020 Winner – Reg Glass. Full results here
2021 Winner – Luke Cook. Full results here.