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Leonay Open 16th March

  Event       SCHWEPPES    LEONAY OPEN   Date:16/03/2013  
  Starters: 155      
SGRATCH WINNER    D WORTHY 69  playoff           
SCRATCH  R/U            C BLAKELEY 69      
SCRATCH  3RD            P MATHEWS 70       
NETT WINNER    L ALEXANDER    (20) 63    C/B  
NETT R/U             D HOLMES              (7) 64     
NETT 3RD             J MILES           (22) 66    C/B  
NTP 2nd  B GRANT  286CM           6TH   D WRIGLEY 197CM                      
9TH  D HOLMES  297CM      

10TH S JENSEN 89CM                               

13TH  B GRANT  66CM         

14TH  J MALVERN 214 CM                                    

18TH P MATHEWS   126CM      
Ball Comp 31 BALLS TO 70 C/B      
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