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May Monthly Medal and Autumn Cup

  Event: MAY MONTHLY MEDAL/Autumn Cup   Date:4/5/2013  
  Starters: 128      
 A GRADE  NETT  I BARNES  (5)                 65  
 B GRADE NETT  M McLEAN       (15)    64  
 C1 NETT        J LIDDELL    (18)    63  
 C1  SCRATCH      J LIDDELL    81  
 C2 NETT      A  BRACE         (23)    63  
 C2 SCRATCH      A  BRACE    86  
 VETS   A  BRACE    (23)    63  
N/PIN  2ND   G Thompson 160cm   

             6TH   S MASTERS  105cm


     10TH   D GROSSE  302CM                                                    

     13th     B Relph150cm


     14TH   B Bennett   154cm                                 


BALL COMP   25 BALLS TO   69 C/B      
 Autumn Cup Winner: A Brace (23)     63      




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  1. Blakeley c says:

    Hello to whom may it concern 🙂

    Just thinking could u put the results on your Facebook Page ?? Notice wallicha, duneved, glenmore , penrith, all put there results up for every comp result and I find it fantastic cause sometimes it doesn’t make the daily news paper . Plus also can u put up old past champions for all our big events ?? U used to have that page showing all past winners of A grade championships , leonay open, ray dukes cup , forsomes etc.. Just few ideas hope to see that up and running

  2. Username* says:

    hi according to these results the autumn cup was won by a.brace an yet i have been advised that it has not been played yet as according to your other posts it is due on 1st june,so i am a little confused.also appears in b grade that 80 nett c/b was best score yet winner was off 15 and had 64 which is only 79,so can you fix up what is correct.thnx

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